Shit from Shinola

Projecto Galeto, Lisbon, 2012.

For 4 months, Nikolai Nekh and Claire de Santa Coloma invited artists to occupy an advertising window shop at landmark modernist restaurant Galeto.

Shit from Shinola consisted of a display of objects of daily use with politically incorrect undertones. One of these objects was a deodorant spray named 'Africa' by the brand Axe.

"He doesn't know shit from Shinola" was a popular saying in the 1940's that attested the poor judgement of someone who, metaphorically, couldn't tell the difference between shit and the popular shoe polish brand Shinola.

More info:
>Projecto Galeto

S/t, 30x42 cm

S/t, video, 3'29" 

Cassette by the band Filthy Turd, released by Narcolepsia
One of the displayed objects